Ombre French online training



Learn the Ombre French technique

Milky Gel Ombre French Technique in 5 various styles:

– 1 colour technique

– 2 colours technique

– rainbow technique

– milky glitters/ shimmers technique

– designed lunula technique

Who is this for?

Designs are shown and done using a mixture of Gel, Gel Polishes and Polygels.

If you work with acrylic only you can still benefit from learning this technique and use it with acrylics.

How the training works?

There are 5 pre-recorded lessons.

You can access the training as many times as you want. No time/ access limits.

Once you purchase you can access it immediately.

Is there a Certificate?

Yes! You’ll get an E-Certificate for attendance emailed to you a couple of days after purchasing the course.

You don’t have to complete any homework.


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