Gel Marble Design Training


The 3d Gel Marble training - Unlimited possibilities and unique designs every single time.
What will you learn:
✨ Amazing 3D marbling gel techniques in various schemes
✨ learn the principles of creating those 3D designs
✨ type of products to use
✨ a detailed explanation of the schemes (so you can recreate the same design again and again OR do a different one every time)
Who is this for?
If you're working with Gel or Polygel and want to impress your clients with very unique designs then this course is for you.
If you're working with Acrylic only - you can still benefit from the course. You'll learn the technique in gel but then you can use it with acrylic products.
It’s an online course so you can learn at your own pace and access it as many times as you want. No time/access limits. The course is yours to keep.
You’ll also get an E-certificate available on the training page for you to download  😊
You get INSTANT ACCESS after purchase.
Get it now and start creating beautiful designs to WOW your clients