Grow your NAIL & BEAUTY biz with EVERY Reel you post

Nail, Beauty, Lash and Make-up Artists

If I told you to post a Reel that will grow your profile and bring clients – would you know what to post?


Then the RICH STYLIST REELS is for you



With Rich Stylists Reels you get: 

a pre-corded training on Reels + 21 daily Reel prompts, pre-written captions with the audio to use, and instructions on how to use it to create Reels in 10-15 mins that grow your biz


Is this you too: “I never know what to post so I end up posting an after pic or reel that only gets a few likes, and it’s taking me ages to create them.

What people actually want to see from me? How do I stand out? How do I get followers and bookings NOT only likes…?

I get it. It can be disheartening when you’re good at what you do but this everchanging social media is just a lot to keep up with…

That’s why, after the success of the 7-day Visibility Boost that my students loved, got amazing results AND asked for more, I created the Rich Stylist Reels

Every REEL you post should grow your profile and clientele

WHY Reels?

Because they WORK and are the FASTEST way to grow {when done right}

It took me years to grow my profile to 6,500 followers AND then only 2 months to almost 20k! 

ALL because of the Reels and how I create them

(and yes, my bank account continues to grow with every Reel that I post)

My Reels before

My Reels NOW

VIEWS and engagement are important.

But what’s even more important when it comes to Reels is that they CONVERT INTO BOOKINGS

And I’m going to teach you how to do it with the Rich Stylist Reels

What’s included in the Rich Stylist Reels?

A pre-recorded video training where you’ll learn:

– how to create Reels that bring people to your profile

– how to write captions that people actually want to read

– the tech side of reels that makes it quick and easy to create them in 5-15 mins

– how to make your reels stand out to get regular bookings

And you’ll get:

21 daily Reel prompts

21 pre-written and fully editable post templates

audio to use with your Reels

instructions on how to create various types of Reels in 10-15 mins that attract, nurture potential clients, and sell your treatments

homework simple tasks to do that help with engagement and biz growth

So you’ll have ZERO EXCUSES not to post Reels

My goal with the 21-day Rich STYLIST REELS is not only to teach you how to create reels, but also how to be CONSISTENT with posting and getting clients from socials.

READY TO Grow your biz with REELS?


ONLY £97 (instead of £197)

No refunds. Results may vary and depend on individuals; and are not guaranteed. 



Hey, I’m Ela Loszczyk

a multi-award-winning nail stylist, educator, author, and business coach (obsessed with nails and marketing for over 17 years).

I built a very successful career as well as the International Online Academy through the power of nail skills, marketing, and sales.

And for the past seven years, I’ve been helping stylists build and grow their businesses, too (because knowing how to do great nails and treatments is not enough to be fully booked and crazy successful).

I believe every nail and beauty pro deserves to succeed without the struggles of content + marketing getting in their way.

If your goal is to bring new clients and make more money using social media (WITHOUT sacrificing your time); and you’re ready to post and boost content that converts, then this membership is for you.


When can I access it?

From the day the Rich Stylist Reels begin

I already have an account with you, how do I join?


In this case, all you need to do is to LOG IN to your account on www.nailexpertsuniversity.com, and click ONLINE COURSES from the menu.

Next, select Rich Stylist Reels and follow the steps.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of the product we don’t offer any refunds.

Please read the T&C before purchasing.

 Purchase of the product means that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions.


Do I get to keep the program?

The course is yours to keep and you can access it anytime after. the 21-day program is over. 

How is it different from the Social Media Templates

21-day Rich Stylist Reels is a one-time payment and it’s solely focused on creating Reels.

Unlike the Social Media Templates, you don’t get monthly templates, graphics and prompts. 

Rich Stylist Reels is the best way to get started creating traction on your profile and the Social Media Templates subscription will keep you going, help stay consistent and save hours posting

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