Hi Gorgeous, so nice to have you here

I’m Ela loszczyk

a driven, life loving girl born and raised in Poland. In 2006, after graduating from the University and completing my very first nail course, I moved to Scotland, Edinburgh, where my two amazing children, Julia and Kornel, were born and this crazy journey as a nail tech and mentor has begun. 

Few facts…   

I wasn’t born with a brush in my hand knowing how to sculpt great nails or how to run a business. When I moved to Scotland, I was a foreigner with a basic language level, a day job as a support worker and I just had a little baby girl to look after, but… I was clear on what I wanted – to become an educator and influence the industry. And I was determined to make it happen by learning from the best and doing my best.

Within just 3 short years since it’s all started, I became a Master Educator teaching in countries such as Ireland, Holland, Poland, Russia, Malta, United Arab Emirates, Canada. I’ve worked with hundreds of students and over 20 educators who I led as an Education Director. I run my own salon and was the sole distributor of several nail brands in the UK.

I’m a proud winner of many awards, including the UK & Scottish Nail Championships, and guest Judge of international competitions. I’m an Author of two books which have helped over 2,500 techs worldwide.

In 2013 I took my whole business online teaching courses such as the Nail Shapes & Structure Masterclass, my 8-week signature program; and running a membership Club since 2017 helping techs and salon owners build and grow their businesses using proven Business and Marketing strategies.

I have two missions:

to help you become a confident, well-known nail pro AND to teach you how to turn that passion of yours into an amazing, thriving career (so, it’s not just an expensive hobby anymore).

And because you and I know that:

A) doing pretty nails is simply not enough to get your name out there and start making the money you want…

B) you’re a nail tech, not a marketer, who’d rather focus on doing nails and practising new designs instead of figuring out cutting edge marketing ideas to bring new clients in and keep them coming back…

C) the best and easiest solution for you is to have a plan of action which will not only tell you what to do but show you exactly HOW to do it and implement.

That’s why, I not only teach the latest nail techniques, but I also have programs (roadmaps) and done-for-you tools and marketing systems that your business needs in order to grow from strength to strength. 

Building a successful business takes time, just like learning new nail techniques

Let me ask you a few questions.

How many nail courses have you done? And…  How many business, marketing and sales courses have you done? 

You see, building a business is a skill you need to learn, just like you learn how to do nails, hair, beauty. Anything. You must know the foundations, and then practice a lot before you go out there serving others, right? Otherwise, you won’t go far and you’ll fail pretty quickly because people will notice there’s something not quite right. The same is with the business – you have to learn how to set it up and run it to make it successful so that you can really enjoy your dream career, lifestyle and freedom. 

The brutal truth is that you can be an amazing stylist working in the prettiest salon, but if nobody knows about you, if you don’t know how to market and sell your services, you will have no business. It will be just an expensive hobby. Meaning – you’ll be struggling. A lot. 

How do I know that? Because I was there myself years ago. I had all the popularity, awards and skills but it wasn’t until I started studying and implementing marketing and sales processes that my business went from a “hobby” to a six-figure a year in profit. 

So, if you’re ready to learn the latest nail techniques and business hacks from a girl who was just like you and achieved it all, I’ve got all kinds of options for you.

To get you really inspired, I’ve got plenty of free resources as well as several online nail courses and business/marketing training programs for the nail tech, stylist, beauty therapist and salon owner who is ready to see some serious results.

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