The secret to success? – Being the best tech?
Unfortunately not!
Although, doing your best EVERY single time is a must.

The thing is that it’s not about being the best nail tech anymore.
Sure we all want that, but it’s not the factor that will take you far in the business.

Crazy but true.

“But what the heck do you mean?
Of course, I have to be the best to have clients (and for my clients) for my reputation and business”

Ehhh – Wrong!

‘Being the best’ is not a strategy anymore. It is a STANDARD now.

People expect you to be good and won’t take anything less for than that.

It’s not something that they will come to see you for because the next door there’s another tech, who’s as good as you or maybe even better.

Brutal, but it’s true.
And the same thing applies to any other industry, nail or care products, cars, hotels, even toothpaste. Anything.

So, get rid of this idea that becoming the best tech is the only thing you need to work on and it’s enough to keep winning clients over.
Because it’s not. And it won’t bring you the results you want – long term, loyal customers.

Start thinking – am I doing my best as a tech AND business owner? Yes, you are a business owner, even if you’re working solo.

Ask yourself:

 Am I taking the right classes? (if not a single person have asked you about nail art, yet you still doing it or spend hours watching YouTube videos – the answer is no, you’re not).

Am I investing in myself to make this business work? (I’m talking about full business/marketing courses, not pieces of free info here and there looking for a ‘quick fix’ or ‘magical pill’).

 Am I showing up every day presenting myself and my brand in a way that I want people to see and perceive me? (Before, during and after the treatment).

 Am I actively seeking out people or passively waiting for clients to magically appear? (Complaining about your competition doing better than you won’t make them disappear)

 Am I winning clients over by giving them the experience they won’t get anywhere else – before, during and after their visit?

 Am I really in it to win it? Or am I just winging it?

The world has changed.
The reality has changed.
Expectations have changed.

How about you? Have you changed?
Be honest with yourself. And remember you got this!

Love, Ela ????