Have you ever wondered about films or YouTube videos’ backstage? I want to show you today what you have not seen in one stroke nail art DVD.

This is not an ordinary video. It will not give you tips of how to write a script or what sort of camera to use, but… it will show you the funny side, which has never been included in the final DVD. If you wondering why – then check the video below 🙂

The reason why I’m bringing it up, although you may have seen it before, is to show you that everything is possible, if you really want something. Even if it’s hard, or you’re not using your own language ;), it doesn’t mean that it cannot be achieved. Everything is achievable and it can be done in a positive and funny way. Your attitude is extremely important. That applies to your life, career, relationship, business and every other aspect of your life.

I’d like to cheer you up today a little bit, so sit comfortably and enjoy this short video full of mistakes 😉

Can you laugh at yourself? Is it making things easier to you, or it doesn’t matter really?


With love,