When we’re talking about a “nail shape”, in reality, we’re talking about geometry.
It’s nothing else than angles, parallel lines, degrees, arches, etc. Every single nail extension is a mini architectural project, which in order to last long, must be structured well.

Below is a Russian Almond shape that belongs to SQUARE’ish category of the shapes.

Do you know why?


It’s all about the upper arch. It runs straight from the apex to the end of the extension’s tip. That’s what matters here.
The lower arch matters too but in many advanced square’ish shapes it will not run parallel to the upper arch, e.g. Dragon, Butterfly, Razor, etc.

There’s one more category – Stiletto’ish.


These are two main categories on which every other shape is based.

That’s it. Only two.
Knowing what shape you’re creating and which category it belongs to, will help you apply the form and product correctly, as well as file it to achieve a truly beautiful nail.
Combine this with the type of the natural nail that you’re working on and you’ll be able to create ANY shape on ANY type of nail.
If you’d like to know more, go and check this out 👉 https://bit.ly/38A8SaC
What’s your favourite shape?