Nail art made easy? Is it really possible?

Of course it is!

When I was in primary 4 my art teacher told me that I’m totally useless with art, and I should do everything else apart from art… I don’t have to tell you how hush it was and being just a kid I believed her, how wouldn’t I – she was my teacher! Those words were stuck in my head for many years…

Until I realized that it actually wasn’t me and my lack of skills or ability to do painting and drawing – it was her! She wasn’t able to teach me the way I could fully understand what she wanted me to do and then just do it. I discovered that art doesn’t have to be arty, it can be done in a very technical way.

My way of learning is quite simple – I just need to understand what is going on and why specific things are done this and the other way.

Today I’d like to share with you one design from my second DVD One Stroke Designs Vol.I to show you how I like to be thought and how I like to teach.

And I’d love to hear from you –

WHAT do you think about this type of teaching? Is it easier when it is explained that way?

Please post your opinion in comments below the video.

Have fun watching, learning and creating!


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With Love,

Ela xx