You and I know that the more eyeballs on your page (website, social profiles) the better for you and your business, right? I don’t think it needs any further explanation of how important it is to actually let people know that you, your business, exist.

No awareness (visibility) = no clients = no business. Simple as that.

But… how do you do that if you’re on a budget, or don’t want to spend hundreds on ads?
Well… there are many, many, many ways and ONE of them, which I’m talking about today, is to get your clients to promote your page for you.

How? You ask…

A “CHECK-IN” competition – that’s the secret weapon.

So, you encourage clients to CHECK-IN ONLINE AT YOUR SALON/ BUSINESS PAGE every time they come to see you!
Simple as that!

Think about it – you’re going on holiday and you let the world know about it by checking-in on the airport’s page.
The result…
ALL your friends see that and know where you are!
And what’s even more cool about it – they can click on that and it will take them to the page you’ve checked-in, So, now they can see what’s been happening there, what’s that profile is all about, etc. All the info is presented and available to them with just one click.

Cool, right!?

But now you ask – how do I encourage them to do that?

Simples! The best and most effective way – GIVE THEM AN INCENTIVE.
Run a giveaway/ competition for a month or even every month.

So, you can tell them:

“Kate, you’re great and I really appreciate you choosing me as your nail tech/beautician/hairdresser. I’d love if you could help me grow my biz. I’m running a little competition this month with a really cool prize and all you have to do to enter is to take out your phone (it’s probably out there anyway), go to your Facebook page and just check-in at my place saying you’re having your nails/hair done, etc. (or something else). And at the end of the month, from all the lovely clients who did that for me, I’ll pick one person who will win ….. (decide how you’ll reward them for their effort)”.

Or something like that. You’ll know how to word it to make it sound like you, not like a foreign girl like me 

That’s it! So darn simple.

Don’t stop there! Take it to the next level.

Create more buzz about it.
Design a poster and stick on a wall behind you. Put a little info in a nice frame on your desk. Go crazy and stick a poster in the bathroom.
Let them know in every possible way.

Just remember to keep tracking the check-ins, have your notifications on and, if for any crazy reason not all notifications are showing up, track them manually too. So, they took their phone out, checked-in. Take a note of that and enter their name for a chance to win.

It’s simple, fun and most importantly – effective! So, give it a go.

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Love, Ela xx