A great testimonial is a very, very compelling and powerful tool. I’m sure we all know that.


Do you actually ask your customers for a testimonial? Every single time?

If you answered yes – then amazing! Well done you!

If your answered no – then, why not?

Many times a good testimonial is a make it or break it deal.

Just think about it. Let’s just say you’re about to buy something online. You have two very similar products at a very similar price. One of them has 10 positive testimonials, the other one has only one or none… Which one will you go for?

Obviously the one with more positive testimonials, right?

Because the truth is that a quality of testimonial and the number of testimonials matter. It’s social proof and we tend to believe in something more, if it already has been tried, tested and reviewed by others.


What’s the best form of a good testimonial?

It could be either a written one, a post on your social media, a video testimonial, etc. It all depends on what works best for you and what you want to use it for.

However, regardless of the form, you should focus on the way the testimonial is being written, said.

If it’s just a: “I love my nails! Thanks, you’re the best”, kind of statement, it’s not a testimonial at all. It doesn’t do any justice to your business, neither to you.

So, instead of letting your customers to freestyle, ask them to write a short, more specific story, e.g.

“My nails have always been in a miserable condition. Every time I had them done, they just didn’t last longer than a week. I felt so hopeless, until (your name here) did some magic on them. She made them look their best and they last up until my next appointment with no problems, which is 3 weeks! I’ve never been happier with them. Thank you (your name) Your loyal customer – ….”

Can you see the difference?

And that’s the testimonial 😉


How and when should you ask for one?

You should ask for a structured testimonial (like the example above) every time when you have a new and happy client. So, after the treatment – ask her: “I’m thrilled you love your new nails, would you be so kind and write a super quick testimonial for me, please. I’d really appreciate it”. You can give her a form to fill in, or ask her to go to your fan page and review, post it on your wall. (If she tells you she’ll do it later on, she won’t. She’ll forget! So, be persistent here 😉 ).

Simply ask her to describe the problem she had (bad nails, poor experience, etc.), then how you helped her – the result (you made her nails looking their best, soooo natural, etc.); and how she feels about you and your service.

Ta-dah 😉

If that’s your regular customer, then a statement like: “I love my new nails. Thanks again”, put on your social media will be just fine, especially if it goes together with the photo of her nails posted by herself on your wall.

One of the real obstacles you’ll have to overcome – is you! And your fear of asking for the testimonial.

Hear me now – if someone’s really happy with the service/ product, etc. they have no problem with providing great, positive feedback!

Would you have any problem to do so if you were really happy with a product or service?

I don’t think so 😉

So, do yourself a huge favour and stop overthinking things and just ask confidently. You’ll be really surprised at how simple it is.