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Gift Voucher Strategy Training
Gift Voucher Strategy training - attract constant streams of people and convert them into your clients
Gel Marble Design Online Course
Gel Marble Design Training
Ombre French Online Course
Ombre French in 5 styles. Lifetime access. E-certificate included
Holiday Planning and Strategies
Double or triple your income during the holiday season and the next couple of months
One Stroke Foundation
Lifetime access to the One Stroke Painting Foundation Training Course. Give yourself the right start
One Stroke Designs
Lifetime access to the One Stroke Designs training. 10 step by step floral designs
3D Acrylic Designs Foundation
Lifetime access to 3D Acrylic Designs Foundation Training Course + 6 detailed designs
Creating Multiple Income Streams
Create Multiple Income Streams - simple and effective strategies to build various ways of generating income online
Make an extra 500 this month
Make an extra 500 this month without increasing the number of clients. Proven and effective strategies
Nail Experts Club monthly
Join the Nail Experts Club - a perfect combo of nail and marketing knowledge
Nail Experts Club annual
Join the Club and get access to everything right away with the annual subscription