Nice weather has arrived, so there's nothing better than spring 3D acrylic design to treat you with :)
I love spring for many reasons - everything's waking up, lots of flowers around, beautiful colours and...
many clients asking for new, colorful designs. It simply means that one of the busiest periods in nail technician life is officially open!
But... - are you ready for that?
What is your special treat for your clients this season?
What can you offer them to make them feel unique and to really good every time when they look at their nails?

How about 3D acrylic design? It ticks all the boxes and offers endless possibilities where the only limit is your imagination. 
It allows you to create as simple (but very effective) or as complicated designs as you like.
The great thing about 3D acrylic design is also fact that it can be done on acrylic, gel or even gel polish surface, so no matter what if you're acrylic or gel person - 3D is going to work fine for everybody. 

In the video below I'd like to demonstrate a sample of spring 3D acrylic design, which you can adjust to work for you. I have used several techniques there and also acrylic paints to create finishing touches, which make all the difference. 

Watch the video below and then let me know what you like the most about 3D acrylic design?

Leave a comment below - what do you like the most about 3D acrylic design and what you're going to be offering this season? 

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