Have you ever had a client, a nail biter, who came to you asking for a full set of nails and you were wondering – holly cow how am I going to do that?!

Well, this post and video will answer that question, as I’m about to show you how to perform a reconstruction of the bitten nail without using a form.

Here are two different scenarios:

  1. the nail is extremely bitten, even worse than the model in my video, and there’s very little nail plate left.
  2. the nail has been bitten, but it has a quite decent length and is in a not-so-bad condition.

When you’re dealing with a client from the first scenario, you must play a nurse here. It simply means, that you must create an extension no longer than the fingertip – so you literally have to do a reconstruction of the bitten nail. Your job, at that stage, is to create a perfect environment for that nail, so it is protected and have a chance to grow back. You shouldn’t, and I highly dissuade that, create anything longer than a natural nail would be. Simply because your client is a nail biter – she wants to get rid of her nails and any length as much, and as quickly as possible, so if you think she’d be able to keep anything longer on her nails – you’re wrong. Play a nurse! Put a plaster on that nail made of acrylic or gel, and let it grow.

In the second scenario – you can create some length, but again don’t get too excited and don’t make them the same length you’d do on someone, who wears nails all the time. Remember – she’s still a nail bite, and she’ll be very tempted to taste whatever she has on her nails, so keep that temptation to a minimum.

Click the video below to watch this tutorial.

There you have it – the easiest way of dealing with nail biters and to do a correct reconstruction of the bitten nail.

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With love,