Captions writing for nail and beauty pros



Social Media is the best way to get clients and it's FREE!

But... you have to show up every day and encourage people to book with you.

If you're like - "I never know what to post" or you keep posting NAIL pick (or before and afters) only, plus a bunch of ##s and caption like "loved doing this set" ...

This will NEVER get you fully booked or make people engage with your posts (except for a few likes, maybe).

You need to write better captions, and this mini-course in the form of a WORKBOOK will teach you how.

You'll learn:

  • what a good caption is and isn't
  • 3 categories of captions you must have
  • the 3-step formula of writing engaging captions
  • examples of captions and writing exercises
  • the best TIPS to post consistently
  • 40 prompts (post starters)

This will  give you a brand new skill to use right away to get more clients from socials