A fairytale of a nail tech…
Once upon a time, there was a girl who, after having her nails done for the very first time, loved them so much that she decided to learn how to do it herself.
She worked hard to saved money for her first training. Full of hopes and happiness the girl enrolled herself to a course which supposed to be a beginning of something amazing. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a complete disaster and waste of time… But she didn’t give up! She did another course and then another… and another…. and many more.
The girl was investing a lot in her education both money and time because she knew it’s worth it and that one day it will pay back.
She spent every free hour she had on practising new skills to get better and better. And she was getting better with every set she created. That was the moment when she decided to turn that passion, that expensive hobby, into a business. The desire of being her own boss was born…
But there was a problem… She had no clue about the business, how to run it properly and what it really takes to make it successful…
But the girl thought – “I’m determined, have this huge passion and great skills; that’s definitely enough to make a great career and money, isn’t it!?”
Well… anyway, she was going for it!
She decided to open her own salon and… be her own boss! (it was so tempting and sounded sooooooo good!)
(In fact, isn’t it every nail tech’s dream…? To have our very own place, which we can decorate as we like, be our own bosses; and where we can enjoy doing nails all day long and new clients will be just magically appearing because we’re so good… That’s a beautiful dream isn’t it…?)
So, she did it. She took the lease, renovated and decorated the place to a high standard. It was the prettiest salon on the whole street! No one could compete with her place!
The girl was ecstatic – “I’m so happy now! I’ve got my own salon! I can do nails all day long now”…
But then something happened… The reality check!
Month after month the girl was getting busier and busier… but not with the clients only…
All of the sudden, on the top of being a nail tech, she had to become a bookkeeper, an accountant, a cleaner, a marketer, a manager, a person responsible for the stock and orders, a receptionist, and do all those other jobs she didn’t want to do!
All she wanted was to do nails!… her dream wasn’t that perfect anymore. But… it was the beginning of something new… A new challenge she had to face – learning how to run the business, be the boss, and how to market herself – turned into one of the greatest passions of hers yet.
Yes, that girl was me.
I had that reality check. It was so overwhelming and depressing that time, but from the time perspective, I’m so grateful for that experience. I was forced to learn completely new things, such as marketing, which I absolutely love right now and teach others. I had to become a different person – determined, organized, disciplined. I had to change my way of thinking and looking at things. And I’m truly happy with that transformation!
The whole situation taught me, that if you want to be really successful as a nail technician, you have to learn about the business, marketing and success itself, as much as you learn new techniques and nail art.
Yes, I know! I can hear what you’re saying right now – “but I cannot be bothered with all that – I want to do nails! I’m a creative person, not a business person”.
The ugly truth, which probably no one told you before, is that –


the sooner you realize you should be spending the same amount of time working on your business as you’re spending on improving your techniques, the faster and more successful you’ll become.


No matter if you want to open the salon, work from home, or as a mobile tech. You must learn how to turn that passion into a business. Otherwise, you’ll end up having just an expensive hobby doing nails for hours and not enjoying any rewards…
This is what it really takes to be successful – whatever success, as a nail tech, means to you.
You can achieve amazing things – have your own salon, become an educator, a session stylist, travel around the world teaching others, or simply have fully booked columns every week so that you can provide a nice living for yourself and your loved ones and be able to spend the time with them…
Whatever it is – you can have it!
Firstly – you must know what you want. Secondly – you need knowledge and a plan of action to get you there.
I hope you find that out sooner rather than later, as it will save you from many negative feelings, disappointment and feeling overwhelmed.
In fact, I’ll be running a unique challenge, free for all nail techs, who want to work on their nail skills and turn their passion into a successful business. More details coming soon. I hope you’ll join me, as, apart from working together, we will have a lot of fun too! ????