Program Overview 



I’m absolutely delighted and honoured to have YOU here!
Here’s how to get started to get the most out of this Masterclass.

Have you watched a welcome video yet?

I know you’re excited and you’d like to explore everything at once BUT…  first things first.

If you have not watched the Welcome video yet, please go and do so (top video on the dashboard).

It will help you to get started and you’ll also learn about the first 3 steps to do now before the first Module is released.

Do this now – your preparation for the Masterclass

“Fail to prepare – prepare to fail”.

Well… we don’t want that! So here’s how to get ready for the Masterclass to get the most out of it!

Step 1 – Go to a “Bonuses” area and download two charts; print them out if you like.

Step 2 – Download “The Nail Shapes & Structure Compendium” (Bonuses area) and study it hard. When the first Module is released, this knowledge will come in extremely handy.

Step 3 – Take photos of 1 nail done in any shape and system and upload them to our closed Facebook Member Group. It will help to track your progress by comparing “before and after” photos of nails.

Your assignments

The assignments are there not to make your life harder, but to make you fully understand every aspect of this Masterclass.

New assignments for each Module will be available within the module and you should complete them as soon as possible. Don’t worry if you can’t do that right away though, just do that at your own pace. However, remember there’s a deadline to submit your assignments in order to receive the Certificate, so push yourself to finish on time.

I highly recommend completing all assignments, as that will help you to put your knowledge into practice; and they’re also obligatory if you’d like to receive an E-Certificate upon Successful Completion of The Masterclass.

In order to receive the Certificate, you’ll have to send completed assignments within 6 months starting from the 1st day of Module 1. Any assignments received after this date WILL NOT be accepted and Certificate will not be issued. There also won’t be another deadline to send everything over, so if you’re serious about the Certificate, make sure to complete all tasks on time.

I recommend completing your assignments for each Module as quickly as possible, and not leaving everything to the last minute, as it will be very overwhelming.

You’ll find the specific assignments to complete for each Module when the Modules are released.


The Member Group has been created for ALL the Masterclass Students.

This is the place where you can get, and give, – support, help and advice; where you can keep yourselves accountable and motivated; where you can share videos and photos of  progress you’re making with your mates; or where you can simply hang out with like-minded people, who are currently working on the same subject as you.

This is YOUR group, so feel free to use it as much, or as little, as you like.

I want you to feel relaxed and comfortable there, and in order to create such a friendly atmosphere, there are some rules to follow:

  • Be kind. We have a zero-tolerance policy for negativity, bullying, drama, gossip, or toxic energy.
  • Don’t trash talk. This is a no trash talking zone: about Ela, Nail Experts Academy, the Masterclass program, or anyone else, Member or not. If you have an issue or grievance — either with the program or each other, bring it directly to the party you have issue with.
  • Be generous. Give more than you ask. Share what you’re working on, and keep an emphasis on sharing support, wisdom, and encouragement.
  • Be ethical and original. Don’t copy, steal or share other people’s intellectual property to use in your programs, classes, blog posts, websites etc.
  • Don’t spam, mass mail or violate privacy.
  • If you won’t respect these rules you’ll be excluded from the group.

The closed Member Area is on Facebook. Simply ask to join the group and you can meet others and benefit from being part of the Community.

If your Facebook username is different to the one that you’ve joined the Masterclass then email us first.


Terms & Conditions

By signing up for the Masterclass, you’ve agreed to our Terms & Conditions.

Be sure to read it and more importantly to respect ALL aspects of this agreement.

We’ve worked really hard on creating this Masterclass, and making it the best online training about the nail shapes and structure. This is the most comprehensive training you can find in the nail industry, and for that reason, ALL content and materials are subject to copyrights. Please be aware that you may not create derivative works or any other works that reference the Company, Ela Loszczyk, The Nail Shapes & Structure Masterclass content, or infringe on any of the Company’s intellectual property in any way.

Need help?

We’re here to support and help you.

If you have any questions regarding technical issues and problems not directly related to the practical side of the training, feel free to contact us; email us on nailexpertsuniversity@gmail.com, or check out our “Support” page.

Any questions related directly to the program’s syllabus may be asked below each Module’s video, in a comment section. I’ll be checking and answering all of them twice a week.