The secret to creating perfectly structured nails in any shape…?
Well… quite a few

1. Knowing the WHY, not only the HOW.

What does that mean?
If you know how to do something but don’t really understand why it needs to be done this way, not that way (because no one ever explained the odds), it will be hard to get consistent results every time. Because, e.g. the rules to do a Russian Almond shape on a standard nail, won’t apply when it comes to a hooked nail type. Make sense?


2. Understanding the differences between the natural nail types and various nail shapes.

3. The good thing is that there are only 4 nail types and only two categories of nail shape.

Yes, that’s right. Shocking? Only two main shapes – even though there are plenty more, they all are based on those two primary shapes. And that my lovely makes life soooo much easier.

4. Practice.

But!!! The good habits, not the bad ones.
If you don’t know how to do something or your technique is incorrect, then practising that over and over won’t make it better.
It will be consistent, but still not great.
Harsh but true.


5. Deciding on your techniques. 

Yes, there are many techniques out there. And the more techniques you know and feel comfortable with the easier it is to decide which one to stick with; or which one to use in a particular case. But… Do you know how many techs don’t even have a filing technique…? Let me tell you – a lot

6.The Holy Grail – consistency.

Once everything is sorted in your head and you truly understand the ‘architecture’ of the nail shape, you can focus on being consistent. Meaning – you can achieve the same shape, consistent and beautiful, no matter what type of nail you work on. And you know what else? You’ll be able to do it every single time over and over again.

And that’s when you become a truly confident, GO-TO nail tech that gets recommendations, good reviews and tons of clients.
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Love, Ela