Today I wan’t to give you my tips on how to get the correct mix ratio of clear acrylic powder.

Remember that the type of the powder you’re using has various ratio within its range, so clear powder will have different ratio than white, and sometimes even different from the pink.

Two, the most important aspects, which determine the mix ratio are:

  • type of the acrylic and monomer you’re using – fast, medium or slow setting, and
  • room temperature.

Temperature of the environment, client’s hands and monomer has a lot to do with the correct mix ratio. If it’s cold, then acrylic will set very slow, if it’s hot – then will set very fast. Knowing this you’ll have to adapt the ratio to the temperature, or use other tricks 😉

In today’s video I’m showing you how to get the correct mix ratio of clear  acrylic powder with medium-fast setting liquid.

For a medium size bead you’ll follow this procedure:

  • deep the brush and wipe off one side in full, then again the same side, but just a half;
  • deep the brush 3 times in the powder (don’t hold the brush too long in the powder, do 3 quite fast deeps)

For a large bead:

  • deep the brush and wipe off one side – only once;
  • deep the brush 3 times in your powder, this time holing it for longer in the powder, so larger bead can be created.

For a small bead:

  • deep the brush and wipe off as much as possible, leaving a small amount of liquid only;
  • deep the brush 3 times very quickly, using just the tip of the brush.

Every bead, no matter how big or small, shouldn’t leak, move to the sides more than 25% of entire bead’s volume, and should look like an orange peel when picked up. That’s your correct mix ratio.

If you have any questions regarding the correct mix ratio please post them below.