Thinking about renting a nail table or treatment room, but not sure what to ask for and consider before making this big decision?
Don’t worry,  I’ve got  my 7 things to consider before renting a nail table, to make it easier for you.
But before I do so, I’d like to say massive congratulations to my talented student Anna Kesiak who I had pleasure preparing for Scottish Beauty Nail Competition and who won 3 first places there!
I’m soooo happy for her and extremely proud to be part of it. She made my day 🙂
Anna Kesiak and Ela Loszczyk at Scottish Beauty 2014
Me and Ania after award ceremony.
Right then, back to the point.
Many of us started in the nail industry by renting a table in a salon. Many of us think about doing so, but sometimes it may feel scary and overwhelming.
Those feelings are absolutely normal, as they indicate that something is going to change and of course you want to make the right and the best decision for yourself.
Inspired by my dear friend Monica who was approached by a salon owner and offered a table to rent, I’ve decided to make a video to help her and those of you, who may be at the same situation as she is now.
She wasn’t sure what questions she should ask and what to bare in mind.
I’d like to invite you to watch my video below, and then share in comments section any other suggestions which should be considered.
I’m sure it will help lots of nail techs.


Do you have any advice which should be taken into consideration? Share it in comments section bellow.

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With love,