According to many authors, speakers, marketers and other experts, there is 6 universal principles of persuasion.

No.1. Reciprocity

It simply means that your clients want more of what they’ve already got complimentary.

If you give them something for free, for instance, a voucher, a sample of a product, or a free treatment, in a personalized and unexpected way – they’ll feel like they owe you something. They’ll want to pay you back by getting more of it – booking in again, or buying more.

Just think about it.

When you’re in the restaurant and all of the sudden your waitress brings you something extra saying: “For you nice people, here’s something extra special” (even if just a mint!)…

Don’t you feel like you want to replay for their kindness, and you’re very likely to leave her a tip? Of course, you do, because she made you feel good. That’s how the reciprocity works.

Try it. You may be very positively surprised ????

No.2. Scarcity

It’s been known forever that people always want more of what they cannot get easily, or can have less of it.

That’s why slogans, such as limited offer, ending soon, limited availability/ spaces, 50% off sale ends today etc. work so well.

To make it even more effective use these slogans PLUS describe the benefits of your service, what’s unique about it and what the customers stand to lose if they won’t buy the book in with you. That’s the one, powerful strategy to make clients want what you have to offer ????

No.3. Authority

Why building your own authority is so important?

Because people will follow credible and knowledgeable experts.

There are plenty ways of doing so, e.g. having your nail photos, or step by step published, having a press release in your local newspaper, by entering competitions, writing your own blog, doing charity events and so on.

The more people can see you as an expert the more authority you’ll gain in their eyes. So get these design ideas out of your head, create a stunning step by steps and send to nail magazines, blogs, newspapers and start building your authority.

No.4. Consistency and Commitment

People want to be consistent with the things they’ve already said or done, committed to, especially publicly.

How this principle could be used to cut to a minimum your non-show ups?

Make them commit to something – in this case, to show up for the next appointment. Ask them to write an appointment card, or put it in their diary, instead of doing it yourself. It’s a simple trick worth trying.

No.5. Liking

You’ll be more likely to make clients want your services if they like you.

Yes, it’s that simple. Have you ever bought something or said yes to someone, who you don’t like and trust. I don’t think so..

There are 3 aspects causing others to like us:

  • We like people similar to us;
  • People who pay us compliments;
  • People who co-operate with us towards future goals.

Remember, that sometimes, no matter how hard you may try to make someone like you, that simply may not happen.


You neither want or need to work with people who don’t like you, or you don’t like them (for any reason). Focus on attracting perfect for your customers, who will like your service and company, and you’ll see how easier life will be! ????

No.6. Consensus/ Social proof

People also want to follow the lead of, what many people like them, have been doing or are doing.

That’s why asking your clients to write you a review or to publish a photo of the nails you’ve done for them on their social media wall and credit you, is a game changer.

It makes so much sense, don’t you think?

Whenever you buy something online, don’t you read reviews about this particular product or service?

And if one product is recommended (have more positive reviews) more than another, which one will you buy?


That’s how it works no matter of the industry. By the way – how appealing are your social proofs?