I’ve been showing you recently quite a lot of one stroke designs, so I thought that for a change I’ll do something with acrylic. 3D acrylic apple nail design tutorial comes from my DVD training 3D Acrylic Design Foundation and it’s one of 5 designs included there.

This 3D acrylic apple nail design is very simple to do and totally different from standard flowers. What makes it worth to try is the fact that it takes several minutes only to do it. Working with clients we all know that time is money and sometimes we just don’t have this comfort of spending hours, or even half an hour on design. That’s when simple designs like this one come handy.

The colour choice is up to you, so as the apple’s placement and number.

Enjoy this sweet design and I’d love to see yours! Feel free to post photos below this video in the comment section or on Nail Experts University Facebook page.

P.S My BOOK dedicated for nail technicians is coming out soon! Pre-orders start on Friday the 20th of June! Had to share 🙂