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The Nail Shapes & Structure Masterclass enrollment opens on Tuesday, June 13th!

6 Pillars & the Golden Rule

The Apex

Filing Technique


What’s the Masterclass?

It’s an 8 MODULE online program delivered throughout 10 weeks.

It’s designed for ambitious and passionate stylists who want to become the best, gain confidence to finally create those flawless nails, and move their career to a new level by dramatically improving their techniques.

– If you’re tired of being stuck and you know that feedback on your work is extremely valuable to get the results you want;

– If you’re driven and open to new possibilities, ready for more happy clients and a steady stream of income;

– If you want to feel confident to create any shape on any type of nail, even nail biters…

… then this program will help you achieve those goals.

Almost 700 students worldwide have completed this program since the first enrollment. And for some of them, the career shift and the results they got exceeded my deepest expectations.

If you’re ready to say YES to your dreams then I can’t wait to work with you for the next 10 weeks and see what this program will do for you 🙂 Ela xx