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Enrollment closes on Sunday 18th, 2023

The online program that completely changes the way you look at AND do nails. Forever!


It’s the most comprehensive 10-week online training program for nail stylists wanting to get confident in creating perfect nail shapes and structure! 

It focuses on: prep, form customisation and placement, product application, filing, finishing, P&W, natural application, various shapes, consistency and speed!

It’s based on the 6 Pillars of Perfectly Structured Nails and teaches 8 various shapes done on 3 types of natural nail – standard, hooked and bitten, so that you can feel confident working with any client creating any shape you want.

students worldwide

nail shapes


week training

The modern style of nail shapes 

8 shapes

In the program, we cover 8 shapes but the long-lasting results are that you’ll understand the structure of each shape so that you can and will be able to do any shape you want later on.


3 various nail types

Each shape is done on 3 live models with standards, hooked and bitten nails meaning you’ll see and understand the difference between each shape and how the form and product placement changes accordingly to the nail type you work on.


Gel & Product application

Each shape was done on each model in both gel and acrylic. Even if you work with one system only you still have access to both. There are many tricks I share in every single video and you have access to all of it.


 Natural extensions

This program is NOT about the PRODUCT but about the structure. I’m teaching using various products to help you understand that it’s about your skills, not the product you use.


Pink & White 

You’ll learn a traditional application as well as various techniques of nail bed elongations using cover gel and acrylic.


Nail preparation

One of the most important things to ensure correct form fit and longevity of each set is the preparation. You’ll learn how to do it manually and by using an e-file.

Form customisation & placement 

You’ll learn how to properly cut the form and apply it accordingly to the shape you create and the type of natural nail. You’ll have a deep and proper understanding of what and how to do it the right way so that the form sits right under the free edge and sets the foundation for strong and long-lasting nails.


Product application

You’ll learn how to apply the product so it’s balanced and creates a sleek looking extension. You’ll also learn how to do it in the most efficient and fastest way to minimise filing.


Pinching Techniques

You’ll know when and where to pinch the nail to create that flawless look. You’ll learn how to pinch using various tools so you can pick the one that you want to use.


Filing technique

You’ll learn my 10-step filing system that works every time. I’ll teach you step by step how to file each particular shape using this filing routine so that you can achieve the best results.


Finishing techniques

So that you’ll know how to apply colour gel right to the cuticle or finish the nail to a high shine.

Students’ work


1 Module per week = 1 Shape. 2 implementation weeks are included to give you time to learn and practice.


Unlike other online programs, there are no renewal fees; once you’re in…

you’re in for life!


to keep you on track and help to check your progress and systematize your knowledge no matter how you learn best


which means you are never alone! I’m in there too, answering questions, PLUS you have other students ready to encourage and support each other

» 4 LIVE GROUP Q&A SESSIONS and unlimited feedback on your work  

for the first 10 weeks to give you the support and accountability you need


You can get one by completing 8 sets of nails per system in different shapes and sent over within 6 months

E-BOOK and 2 Printable charts (value £60)

The Nails SHAPES chart

How to determine the best nail shape chart

“The Nail Shapes & Structure Compendium” E-BOOK

One Month of FREE access to 3 ONLINE NAIL ART courses. (Value £291)

(available once the final installment was paid)

Paint Like a Pro – One Stroke Foundation Training (retail price £97)

One Stroke Designs Vol.1. Incl. 10 designs (retail price £97)

3D Acrylic Design Foundation Training (retail price £97)

How to make an extra $500 this month (Value £97)

Learn how to make more money without necessarily increasing the number of clients.

Getting new clients is time-consuming and expensive. Learn how to make more from the clients that you have with integrity and ease. These proven marketing strategies will show you how to do it. 

Holiday Season planning & Strategies (Value £97)

Set yourself for success this season! Book clients not only for December but for January and February too. No more quiet months!

Get ready to capitalize on the busiest season of the year and make your investment in the Masterclass back as quickly as possible by following and implementing the plan and strategies.


Path to profitability (Value £97)

If you’re a solo artist, you’re the only person responsible for your business and its growth.

It’s time to take complete control of your business and its future, understand and know where you are at in terms of numbers and your goals, AND make a plan to go forward.

This training is designed to help you to establish your Breakeven Cost per day and per client to know exactly how close or far off you are from your goal income.

Get Clients on Demand without spending $1 (Value £127)

Learn free, PROVEN strategies to get new clients, build business awareness, get more people interested in your offers, get more followers on your social accounts, and of course bookings.

This training itself can seriously transform your business and fill in your books really quickly. Remember that it’s not a magic pill, but if you do the work you’ll get results.

Select payment to begin your new adventure in May

Hi! I’m Ela and I’ll be your educator

I’ve been a multi-award-winning stylist for 17 years, holding the title of Scottish and UK Nail Champion, judge, international educator, and author of two nail books.


I know how frustrating fitting forms or getting all 10 nails to look the same can be.

In the past 14 years, I’ve trained thousands of stylists during my free and paid online, and live programs. 


After working with so many individuals, I discovered one thing that was holding them back in creating consistent nails to the standard they wanted to –

they didn’t understand the WHY behind each step of the process and were confused by many different techniques.


That’s why I’ve created the Masterclass – to stop the guessing game AND to give you a structured plan and techniques that work and make sense. Every time.

Because once you fully understand what you’re doing – you can create ANY SHAPE YOU WANT.


My goal is to help you become the best stylist you can be – unique and confident!


Keep scrolling to see what our graduates said about the Masterclass and their own results

“I’m thrilled with my progress! Especially compared to after hands-on training I’ve completed in the past. I’m pleasantly surprised at how effective this format of learning has been.
I love how passionate Ela is and it shows very much in her presenting style. She was great at giving feedback and challenging all of us, even at different levels.”

Jesse Bruner

Master Educator at Hand and Nail Harmony – Nail Artist at Michael Christopher Salon, US

 “I wish I had accessed this course many many years ago, as I would have been on top of my game by now! I found Ela to be a great educator, with a lovely way of explaining things to her students. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who lives and breaths nails, I have enjoyed it immensely.”

Gina Perestrelo

Cure Nails Jersey, UK

“I cannot express how much your Masterclass has helped me. My skills have improved by leaps and bounds. I have a greater knowledge and understanding of nail shapes and structure and I owe it all to you and your course. Best decision I ever made!”

Angela Whiting Figueira

Frequently asked questions

How do I enrol?

Select one of the payment options. On a registration page fill in your details and create a password.

Next, you’ll be taken to a page, where you can access the Members’ only area where all the content and bonuses will be delivered.

When the program begins?

It begins on Monday, May 30, 2022. That’s when the first module will be released

How long will I have access to all of the content and resources?

You have lifetime access to the Masterclass.

The 3 Nail Art Courses are available to ALL students no matter when you join. If you join with one payment option, then you’ll have 1-month access to them as of June 27th, 2022.

If you’re paying in installments, then your 1-month access to the art trainings will start after the last successful payment.


If you join before the 22nd of May (with full payment or installments), you’ll get 4 additional training course worth £97+ each, that are yours to keep forever.

If you join with full payment, then you’ll have instant access to those bonuses.

If you select a payment plan – then access will be given after the last successful payment.

How long can i get feedback for?

I’m in the group giving my feedback for 10 weeks as of the 1st day of the program.

Feedback is given on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

After 10 weeks, I won’t be participating in the group, but the group stays open.

Can I do it at my own pace?

Yes, you can. You have lifetime access to the Masterclass. However, if you’d like to receive the certificate, there’s a deadline to complete all the assignments.

Is there a certificate and how can i get it?

Yes, you have an opportunity to gain a certificate upon completion of the program.

There are assignments to be completed within 6 months since the beginning of the program. Assignments include 8 sets of nails in various shapes done in Gel OR/AND Acrylic AND/OR Polygel

If you know this has got to be your breakthrough year as a nail stylist,
I’d LOVE to welcome you to the masterclass

Can’t wait to see you in my virtual classroom!

Love, Ela xoxo