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just for NAIL and BEAUTY PROS


If you spend a LOT of time on social media but are not getting new enquiries or bookings daily, you’ve come to the right place!



DONE-FOR-YOU SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS just for Nail and Beauty Pros


Let’s face it – you didn’t become a NAIL or BEAUTY professional to be a writer.

And you DON’T want to spend hours creating posts that don’t get engagement or bookings, right?

Done-for-you Social Media Posts is the answer 

It’s been designed to save you time, get you seen as the go-to stylist, and get you fully booked by promoting your services the right way

Get instant access to 20 PROVEN social media caption templates20 photo suggestions, 10 Reels prompts10 Stories prompts10 customisable graphics, EVERY MONTH.

(Limited time offer; 7-day money back guarantee)

Is this you …?

You spend A LOT of time on social media but are not getting new enquires or bookings from your posts.

You try to post regularly, but no one even engages, so ‘what’s the point’ of posting?

You feel like you’ve tried ‘everything,’ yet nothing seems to be working 

You want to do nails, not marketing! and worry, ” what am I going to post about this week?

the result…?

You feel stressed and overwhelmed, so you do no social media this week, and then the week turns into a month (which makes you even more stressed).

Or you write, “subtle’s my favourite”, “I love nude”, or some other 3-word sentence that might get you a few likes BUT no bookings.

Or you post another photo of nails and a bunch of hashtags, even though you know it doesn’t work anyway



… you get done-for-you

PROVEN TO WORK social media post templates that keep your audience and income growing consistently.

Create and schedule the whole month of content that works in 90 minutes (or less), have more time to do what you love, make more money and enjoy peace of mind (priceless)


Imagine how it will feel …

To have enquires and bookings coming in every day

To grow your following of ideal clients and your bank account too!

To have the whole month of content written for you, so you can schedule it and forget about it!

To save a lot of time and have the freedom to spend it on the things you enjoy doing

This is how it should be, and how it can be for you, too!

EASY AS 1, 2, 3 …



Choose one of the 20 done-for-you templates you receive every month and edit it to suit your brand’s voice or use it as it is.


Choose one of the 10 customisable graphics or add your own photo (follow the photo suggestion for each template)


Post it to your social media profiles AND/OR schedule the whole month in 90 minutes (or less when you get more experience)

Next, Pick your best-performing post and turn it into an AD or BOOST it so more people will see your work and book in!

So, what exactly do the done-for-you Social Media Posts include?


everything you need to create and schedule your monthly content that engages, brings enquires and bookings:

20 engaging and captivating post templates

created specifically for nail and beauty professionals. Save hours of time (and your sanity), and be confident that what you’re regularly posting on social media is helping you get fully booked

20 photo suggestions

1 for each content template, so that you know exactly what kind of photos to take to have the whole month planned

10 Reels/Stories Prompts

to show up daily, connect with your current followers, and reach new people

10 customizable Canva templates

to create consistent, cohesive graphics that stop the scroll and show your brand in the most effective way possible

PLUS, peace of mind and time to do the things you love


ONLY £27 (Regular price £57)

per month of done-for-you content

(Value over £700 – just £27 GBP/ month. Limited time offer! CANCEL ANYTIME)


Here’s what other stylists and beauticians have said

Plus… join today and get  all these extra bonuses, too

Scheduling and posting training (with Creator Studio)

In this bonus training session, I’ll take out all the guesswork away and show you exactly how to get the most out of the Social Media Posts by planning and scheduling your content for the whole month in one go

+ BONUS 37 Scroll Stopping Headlines (for extra posts inspo)  

You’ll get 20 done-for-you posts every month, but just in case you want more, I’m giving you an additional 37 starters to inspire even more amazing posts, as well as emails, and blogs (if that’s what you do or would like to start doing).

Never run out of ideas 🙂

+ BONUS 13 Calls To Action (that actually work)

A Call to Action (CTA) is one of the most critical aspects of each post, yet it’s often the most forgotten one (or ignored because ‘I just don’t want to be pushy’).

Do you want more DMs; more bookings; more website visits; more comments? Well, these CTAs will do just that – encourage people to do what you want them to do, easily and effectively. 🙂


+ altogether worth well over £700

Check out a few examples

(imagine having 20 posts like these every month)

Just fill in a few details to make it sound like your own, unique brand and it’s good to be posted or scheduled

social media content posts

(Regular price £57. Limited time offer. CANCEL ANYTIME)


Let us (Ela and the team) create compelling content for you that converts so you can focus on nails and treatments!



… you’re a nail stylist or beautician who wants more bookings and money without spending hours on social media


…you’re NOT a writer, and you’d love someone else to do it for you, but hiring a social media manager is out of your pocket


… you’re despite the marketing, and you’d rather spend time learning another nail art technique or beauty treatment instead


… you just need a solution for your social media that attracts clients, positions you as a go-to person, and works 24/7 to build your biz 


Hey, I’m Ela Loszczyk

a multi-award-winning nail stylist, educator, author, and business coach (obsessed with nails and marketing for over 17 years).

I’ve built a very successful career as well as the International Online Academy – Nail Experts University – through the power of marketing, sales, teaching, and nail skills.

And for the past seven years, I’ve been helping nail and beauty pros build and grow their businesses, too (because knowing how to do great nails and treatments is not enough to be fully booked and crazy successful).

I believe every nail and beauty professional deserves to succeed without the struggles of content + marketing getting in their way. 

If your goal is to bring new clients and increase the amount of money using social media (WITHOUT sacrificing your time); and you’re ready to post and boost content that converts, then this membership is for you.




20 done-for-you post templates

20 photo suggestions (to stop the scroll and get your posts read)

10 Reels / Stories Prompts

10 Customisable Canva Templates


+ One-time BONUSES

Scheduling and posting training

37 Scroll Stopping Headlines (for extra post inspo)

13 Calls to Action (that actually work)

Value over £700 for just £27/m

{Limited offer. Regular price £57/month. Cancel anytime}


When can I access it?

As soon as your payment is received and your account created, you can log in and get access to the first month of done-for-you Social Media Posts.

I already have an account with you, how do I join?


In this case, all you need to do is to LOG IN to your account on www.nailexpertsuniversity.com, and click ONLINE COURSES from the menu.

Next, select Social Media Posts and follow the steps.

How long does it take to customise the posts?

On average? A post caption takes about 3-5 minutes to make your own. Seriously. You can spend a little longer if you like though. 

The more practice you have, the more effective and efficient you’ll get.

Do I need specific tools to access it?

No, just your phone (or laptop) and access to the internet.

All the content is available in the member area that you’ll get access to once the payment is through and your account is created. 

Is it really only £27/m?

Yes, I kinda can’t believe it either. 
But right now, for a very limited time (an early bird offer), you can get it all for just £27/month.

Regular price is £57, but if you join now you’ll lock that special price for as long as you stay.

All prices are in Pound Sterling (GBP)

Will my content be the same as someone else's?

 No, and here’s why.

The majority of the templates require you to plug in your own details related to your business, which instantly makes them specific to you and your brand, and sounds like you 🙂 

What if I decide it's not for me?

That’s fine 🙂 

We don’t offer refunds due to the nature of the product.

But you can cancel anytime. There’s no strings attached.


When is a new bundle of posts is being released?

A brand new bundle of post templates, Reels and Stories prompts will be released after 30 days from the day you joined.

The next bundle will be released 30 days after the second bundle, and so on. 

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, absolutely! 

You can stay for 1 month, or 3, 5, 12 months. It’s totally up to you. You decide.

You can cancel your subscription from the “My account” page, or simply by sending an email to hello@nailexpertsuniversity.com

Your cancelation will take up to 48h. 


Do you personalise those posts for me?

These are pre-made content templates + prompts that you download and personalise yourself by adding details about your business where prompted. 

You choose the template, insert your details, and your unique content is ready to be posted or scheduled within minutes 🙂 

Limited-time offer!

Get it now for just £27!

(Value over £700 – just £27 GBP/ month. Regular price £57/month. CANCEL ANYTIME)


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