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Your step by step guide to creating INSTAGRAM-worthy nails in ANY shape on ANY type of nails


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What is the Book all about?

We all know that to make a great extension on an “easy to do” natural nail is easy! But in reality, how many clients with perfect natural nails do we do on a daily basis? Not many, right?

The majority of our clients have different types of nails on each finger – nail biters, hooked, ski shape…

And it’s all very confusing. So many different shapes and so many questions – How do I apply the form? Should I lift or lower it; close the tip or keep it open? What’s the difference between Russian and Gothic Almond? OHHH and of course filing – how do I do that to end up with 10 nails that all look the same? How do I do the Edge, Stiletto, Ballerina shape…? How can I do ALL of those shapes without losing my sanity?!

Sound familiar?

That’s exactly why I wrote this book – to explain everything in the easiest way possible so that everything makes sense. You have ALL the answers in one place – easy to navigate, understand and follow so that you can feel more confident in creating those beautiful shapes that you see all over social media.

Because, regardless of the natural nails’ shape, your goal is to create a consistent set of nails that looks good, lasts long and is structured correctly.

Ela your book is totally amazing! Changed my whole perspective on nails and since the results are amazing! Thank you so very much! I can’t thank you enough truly!!

Anna Thomas

“I love this book! Highly recommended to anyone looking for precise info on how to create properly structured enhancements! I’m sharing because it inspired me and I hope it inspires others”


Who is this for?

Any nail technician who:

– struggles with the form, product application; filing, pinching, prepping and achieving the correct structure 

– works with gel, acrylic and acrygel 

– does extensions and wants to improve skills and work more consistently 

– has at least a basic knowledge about the nail extensions 

What you will learn?

– The two fundamental shapes that other shapes are based on

– How to recognise what type of nail you are working with

– How to create ANY shape on ANY type of nail

– How to establish what shape will suit your client best

– How to create the correct nail structure based on the natural nail type and the shape you do

– How to customize and apply forms depending on the natural nail type and the shape of the extension

– How to create the most popular nail shapes (Square, Pipe, Stiletto, Almond, Russian Almond, Marilyn, Gothic Almond and Edge) taught on standard, hooked and bitten type of nail

– Proper nail preparation – e-file and manual

– The variety of pinching methods and how to do it

10-step Filing Technique to achieve consistency across all 10 nails

Product application – various techniques for gel and acrylic system

Tip-Top hints on Pink&White and much more!

Hi Gorgeous! I’m Ela

For the past 14 years, I’ve been helping nail stylists from all over the globe to build amazing skills and take them to an entirely new level. I’m “brainwashing” stylists in the most positive way possible, helping them to understand the WHY behind every aspect of nail enhancements.

I’m a multi-award-winning nail stylist and international judge; author of “the Nail Shapes & Structure Compendium” book which has sold over 8000 copies worldwide and helped many stylists go from being OK to being AMAZING at what they do.

If you’ve had enough of struggling with the shapes, structure, forms, consistency AND you know it’s time to become the one whose work is admired by others, then this book is for you!

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Inside the Dragon Shape training, you’ll learn:

  • the characteristics of the shape so you can understand the WHY and important details of the structure,
  • form placement,
  • product application and
  • how to file that shape to get insane results so you can really understand everything and show off your new skills!

I’ve covered gel and acrylic application so you have it all.

Test your skills and push yourself out of the comfort zone to reach a completely different level.

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8000 copies sold worldwide

What others say about the Book

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A printed copy of the book (£47)

♦ FREE “Dragon Shape” Online Training (£97)

♦ 3 Inspirational Mobile Phone Wallpapers

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