Win the Nail Game book


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Win the Nail Game book  is one of a kind book dedicated to nail technicians who want to:

- learn how to grow their business through entering competitions.

- upgrade their skills with awesome tips to be used in a salon or competition arena,

- discover the secrets of nail competitions and get award-winning strategies.

The nail industry is very competitive as there's plenty of nail techs out there, but also self-made "stylist" who are hurting the whole market offering poor service at a very low price. 

If you don't do and offer anything different from your competition, then you'll find this business very tough. You need to stand out from the crowd and get recognition in order to attract more customers, who will spend money with you and who will respect what you do. 

I wrote Win the Nail Game book to inspire you not only to enter nail competitions but also to do more than others, to reach for your goals, to push your boundaries and to never stop learning.

Competition is a game which I'll teach you to play well and if my book becomes your inspiration, marketing and competition guide, then it served its purpose.


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