One Stroke Painting Designs Online Training


Take your creativity to the next level. Learn 10 fantastic One Stroke Designs to WOW your clients

One Stroke Painting online training includes 10 beautiful Designs.

Each design is explained and drown on a flipchart first so that you can fully understand the planning phase of every element. Next, each one of them is shown and done on a tip, so that you have a step by step design very easy to follow and copy.

You'll also learn how to incorporate other elements into your designs, such as acrylic and gel, nail decorations, transfer foils, etc.

What you'll learn:

  • 10 various designs
  • colour blending
  • one stroke moves
  • thin lines
  • design planning
  • how to use transfer foil and other decorations to make your designs even more effective

Designs are easy to follow and each step is fully explained.

You'll have instant access to this online training after completing your purchase.

Check out the video below to see what you'll be learning in this online class. You'll love it and your clients too!


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