3D Acrylic Design Foundation


For those of you

– who feel that plain salon nails are not enough;

-who want to express themselves in a different way;

– who want to learn a new skill or improve existing ones

this 3D Acrylic Design Foundation ONLINE training will be a perfect solution.


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3D Acrylic Design Foundation ONLINE training is a perfect solution for those of you

- who feel that plain salon nails are not enough,

-who want to express themselves in different way,

- who want to learn a new skill or improve existing one


You will learn my secrets of:

* perfect blending and fading,

* various patterns,

* 3 award winning techniques of different type of petals/leaves creating, which helped me win competitions,

* encapsulation,

* designs which can be used on daily basis and also special occasions such as

wedding, party or holidays (flowers, fruits, mushroom, butterflies and more!)

YOU WILL LOVE this ONLINE training!

I've structured and created this training with YOU in my mind and to make it as simple

as possible for you to learn.


In this class I:

* brake everything into easy to follow step by steps,

* explain those steps as I go so you can really understand what and why


* share my little secrets which I've learned over all those years from other top techs.


My personal gift is to make complicated things easy. And this is exactly what you will find in this training.

I'm going to make you feel like you are with me in live class, but ONLINE form is far better, because you can learn, watch, rewind, pause, play over and over again any time YOU want!


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