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Are you good at nails but marketing and attracting clients is hard? Keep reading …

Nail Experts Club

Your Success Blueprint

So, you know how to do Nails. 


NOW, let’s teach you how to make real money using those skills 

and turn your hobby into a cash-making-business

Did you know how to do nails before you did any nail course?


No, not really, right?

The same thing is with business and marketing.

And because the brutal truth is that you can be an amazing stylist working in the prettiest salon, doing the best nails BUT if nobody knows about you, if you don’t know how to get and keep clients, and sell your services, you will have no business…

You will have just an expensive hobby that keeps you awake at night, makes you question your own self-worth and drains you financially and emotionally…  

… when all you ever wanted was to be a go-to stylist, make your clients feel amazing, have the freedom and make a nice living by doing what you love, right?

Have you ever felt like…

I’m not good enough… there are so many great techs out there. No one will pay me

There’s too much competition. I can’t rise my prices because people won’t pay and go elsewhere

I’m fed up of discounting or doing FREE sets but I’m worrying that if I stop I’ll lose clients

I’m just so lost and overwhelmed… nothing seems to be working and I feel like quitting

Running a nail business is a COMPLETELY different thing

than being a nail stylist

What Our Members Say…

I started in my house, built a salon in the garden…

NOW I have brought a salon, train other people and will be competing for the first time at Olympia London this September being sponsored by one of the top nail companies! 


Thank you & thank you to the Nail Experts Club from the bottom of my heart.”

Tia Weight

BeauTia Academy

don’t worry you’re in the right place! There’s a solution…

Introducing the Nail Experts Club

a place for ambitious nail stylists, just like you, who want to make that business work OR get help to double or triple their income with proven, yet easy to implement strategies and marketing plan.

And because we all love nails, bundles of nail art and techniques are included too! So that you can grow both – your business and nail skills!

What will you get and who is this for?


There are 12 Core Marketing and 12 Core Nail bundles. Get access to a new bundle every month or to all at once. Focus on nail and art techniques AND marketing, sales, proven systems and cutting edge strategies.


Workbooks are designed to help you get the most out of the training, plan and implement the strategies covered, and to get focused and inspired


Plenty ready to use: social media posts, memes, salon policies and scripts. Customise as you wish or copy and paste just as they are

Facebook Group

Hang out with other like-minded members, ask questions and get answers, post photos, get and give advice

Live Masterclasses 

Live Masterclass session every month to have your burning questions answered and get help; A Planning session to plan out your next steps and actions and get you unstuck

More Help

more goodies such as HOT SEATS, Accountability partners, Individual Feedback and FB page/Instagram/Website review for VIP members

12 Marketing Program Bundles

designed to help  you Set it Up, Build, Grow and Expand

Planning & Business Organisation

Traning Bundles:

Planning & Growth;

Business Organisation & Time Management


Business Foundations

Traning Bundles:

Plan to Profitability

Target Market & Ideal Client Avatar


Branding Yourself

Traning Bundles:

Branding with Vicki Nicolson

Graphic Designs in Canva

Social Media Templates 

A Website the converts

Traning Bundles:

Build a website that converts

The strategy of Landing Pages

Blogging Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Traning Bundles:

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Page Optimisation

Facebook Ads + Ads Templates 


How to Sell & be the Expert

Traning Bundles:

Become a Sales Superstar

Position yourself as an Expert 

Client Retention & Expansion

Traning Bundles:

Win the Lost Clients Back

Eliminate No-Shows

Te most effective Referral Program

Copy Writing & Automation

Traning Bundles:

Captions writing for stylists

Build an Irresistible Offer

Social Media Automation 

Instagram Marketing

Traning Bundles:

Create an Online Brochure

Successful Insta Stories

Photography and hand poses

Local Marketing

Traning Bundles:

Local Marketing and networking 

How to Joint Ventures

Video & Email Marketing

Traning Bundles:

Get Confident on video

Create Videos that Engage

Email Marketing

Maximise Your Income

Traning Bundles:

Create Multiple Streams of Income

Make an extra $$$ this month 

12 Nail Bundles

6 available and 6 more to be released  

A variety of nail art and techniques

Join Now

and secure your price before it goes up

Choose the best option for yourself

Hi Gorgeous! I’m Ela


founder of the Nail Experts University, Author of “The Nail Shapes & Structure Compendium”, multi-award-winning stylist, Nail Educator and Judge, Coach, lover of homemade cheesecake and crazy about nails & marketing.

After over 14 amazing years of working with clients, winning competitions, teaching hundreds of students around the globe and running a few businesses, I now help other stylists to sharpen their skills and salon owners to create the business and career they’ve always dreamed of. And I’d love to help you too.

So, if you’re ready to learn some serious skills, build that business of yours and double or triple your income, I’ve got you covered.

What Our Members Say…

“WOW is all I can say

Posted my offer last night. Got up this morning and I’ve only just finished replying to everyone.


Georgina Campbell

Perfect Polishes

This has really helped!

I’m only new to the industry and building client base is what I’ve been struggling with…

I FOLLOWED THE TRAINING BUNDLE and posted my offer on Facebook Saturday night and have 4 NEW BOOKINGS already so thank you!

Becky Johnson

Join now and get instant access

to “Quick Wins” and Mindset BONUS Bundles

The Amazing Christmas Bundle

This training has been designed to help you:

– create a successful, strategic marketing plan get fully booked in December

– upsale more services

– get more clients

– sell more vouchers

– fill in your calendar for January and February

– give you various scripts on how to talk to your clients to get more sales


Includes: 5 video lessons & 1 workbook

The Gift Voucher Strategy

It’s been designed and proven to grow a client list fast! It’s one of the best ways to get your service in front of many people and get bookings.

You’ll learn how to:

  • create an offer that people want to buy
  • design an image that grabs attention
  • write a copy/text that makes people want your service
  • display your offer in front as many people as possible for free or on a budget
  • promote your offer/service
  • what to tell people when they ask about your offer – sales script included
  • how to follow up with people who didn’t book in – follow up script included

Includes: 1 video & 1 workbook

3 Mindest Bundles

Program your mind for success

Create your Dream Board

Design a challenge to thrive

So, when you join on a month to month basis you GET access to ALL the BONUS BUNDLES + INSTANT access to The One Stoke Secrets Bundle AND The Planning & Business Organization. And then one more Bundle every month for as long as you stay.


Join as a VIP for 1 year and get INSTANT access to EVERYTHING inside of the Club

What Our Members Say…

“This is bananas!

Oh my goodness! I followed your advice and just launched my offer and it’s gone completely crazy!!

I just posted it two hours ago and ALREADY HAVE 5 NEW BOOKINGS! I’m so happy!”

Janine Sykes

RD Nail Design


It does neither of us any good if you’re not getting the full benefit of this program. There’s no contract. You decide how long you want to stay.

If this membership is not everything you thought it would be, you’re not satisfied with the trainings or if you ultimately decide running a nail business is not your dream, you may cancel your membership at ANY TIME if you’re on a month-to-month plan.

No Questions Asked!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the investment?

If you join now it is £37/month and even when the price will change in the future, it still will be £37 for you as long as you’re a member.

A 1-year plan is £399 so you get ONE MONTH FREE; and you get instant access to EVERYTHING. 

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! Simply send us an email before the 1st of each month (that’s when access is given to a new training) and your account will be cancelled and payments will stop.

1-year plan – you are being charged once and after one year you can just leave or stay for longer.

Will I get access to all training bundles?

You have access to the training bundles listed above on this page. You can access them immediately and dive into them right away.

Monthly subscription will give you access to a new bundle every month.

1-year plan gives instant access to everything in the Club.

Can I get a refund?

No, we don’t offer refunds. We ensure that each training is jam-packed with incredible value and when you implement it then results will speak for themselves.

You’re not losing anything here and with such a low investment it’s totally worth it.

Can I keep the training bundles i paid for?

Think about it as a gym or Netflix membership. You have access to the training bundles for as long as you remain a member. Videos cannot be downloaded but the workbooks, done-for-you templates and graphics are yours to keep and use as a guide whenever you want.

What Our Members Say…

“Can’t believe it. It’s amazing!

I have sent out my offer and have ALREADY 6 CONFIRMED BOOKINGS!!

Started really slow but it’s AMAZING! Can’t believe how busy my page is. Thank you Ela

Lesleyanne De Ste-Croix

The mission

I have two missions:

to help you become a confident, well-known nail pro AND to teach you how to turn that passion of yours into an amazing, thriving career (so, it’s not just an expensive hobby anymore).

And because you and I know that:

A) doing pretty nails is simply not enough to get your name out there and start making money you want…

B) you’re a nail tech, not a marketer, who’d rather focus on doing nails and practising new designs instead of figuring out cutting edge marketing ideas to bring new clients in and keep them coming back…

C) the best and easiest solution for you is to have a plan of action which will not only tell you what to do but show you exactly HOW to implement and do it the right way.

It’s time to stop surviving and start THRIVING! 

That’s why in the Club I not only teach the latest nail techniques, but I also provide done-for-you tools and marketing systems that work. You and your business needs those systems in order to grow from strength to strength. 

And I cannot wait to welcome you to the Club and share that crazy journey called the business building with you!

Ready to take control and enjoy your new money-making machine?

See you on the other side